Weekend Streaming Thoughts

After finishing Altered Carbon (a series I’m still chewing on and definitely need to watch again before I know how I feel about anything other than the fact that Poe is 100% my favorite character) this last week , we set out to do something I’ve been meaning to get done for a while.

We started to chip away at the things on our streaming watchlist that had been there the longest.

iBoy: just ok.
Lovely effects, decent premise. I’m not a fan of rape-as-a-motivation (vengeance or otherwise) movies.

Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: better than expected.
I actually laughed out loud at a few points, its over the top premises worked well, despite their absurdity.

Yoga Hosers: meh.
I was hoping for more, walked away disappointed. Felt like one big jab at Canadians, with an inexplicable nazi connection.

10 Cloverfield Lane: Could have done with a Die Hard reference.
We finally got around to watching this… which means we’ll watch Paradox in like… 3 years. (maybe not)

The Santa Clarita Diet: So far, so good.
We only got 3 episodes into it this weekend, but Drew Barrymore is delightful, and with the exception of the vomit scene, I’ve loved every minute of it. Definitely going to find a time to binge the rest of it.


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