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February 2018 Numbers

Words Written: 67,657-words in 24 days(AVG 2,819-wors/day) 5 Projects + Admin (9%)

One of my lesser goals for the month (my baseline, what-I’d-be-happy-with goal, if you will) was 47,000-words. Luckily, I did 20k over that, woo! I was about 2k short of my February average, but I still did better than 2014, 15, and 16.
Goal: Finish 3 Drafts (Nope! Some restructuring happened instead)
Books Edited: 0 I spent a lot of time in my edit cave this month, but that, unfortunately didn’t see anything finished. I made definite headway though.
Goal: 1 (*hums Bon Jovi* Halfway there.)
Books Read: 0 (Technically)
So… deep in my edit cave, there was no light by which to read. Kidding. I wound up getting a bit in on a new book, but mostly, my snippets and snatches of reading were confined to rereading scenes from a few books I love, and research articles.
Goal: 5 (*laughs and shakes head*)
Books Sold: 4 + KU Reads: 1,007 (~ 8 book equivalency*) (No returns/ 33 Freebies)
When totalled the number of copies moved is…