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Under Construction

Hey guys! If you’re popping in for the monthly counts or for IWSG, or to  search for something in my archives, well… sorry! The blog is going to be down for a little while as things get sorted out, but I’ll be back  soon-ish. Until then, thanks for stopping by. If you want to be notified of  when we’re back up and running, sign up for my newsletter above and you’ll get an email letting you know. And, as always, you can still grab my books from Amazon.

March 2018 Numbers

Words Written: 19,684-words in 24 days (AVG 1,789-words/day) 5 Projects + Admin (17%) Just under 20k this month because of edits, being sick as anything, and day job related nonsense. Fixing messes takes so much time, and getting things back in order when you’ve torn them apart…. It’s exhausting. Goal: 31k. One Thousand a day, Didn’t quite get there this month. Books Edited: 2 It’s amazing how you can do a week’s worth of work to something and then have to put it right back into the to-edit pile. That being said… I’m not certain I should actually count the first of the edits in the “done” column, but with the way my numbers look, I’m willing to ignore what I’ll have to do in April. The second edit was a lot easier… which probably just means that when I get back to it in June or possibly July, I’m going to find a mess and wonder how I possibly thought I’d “nailed it.” Goal: “Just get something done.” Books Read: 7 Injection Burn by Jason M Hough I