IWSG: September 2018

The blog is back, with a bit of a face lift. I’m trying something new, and (hopefully) going to be able to get back to regular posting with ⅓ the stress.

I did a lot of thinking about how I wanted to get back to blogging. What I wanted to keep from previous blogging, what I wanted to ditch. IWSG, despite previous misgivings, was one of the things that landed in the “yes, please” column.

Because I like you guys. I like scooting through blogs I haven’t seen before and following the progress of those of you I’ve haunted before.

If you saw my monthly counts post for August, you’ll have seen that I’ve been a little scattered and have been battling it out with an edit. One of the reasons I’ve been struggling is (and recognizing is the first step to overcoming a problem, right?) that wanting this edit to be my last--before a copy edit--has made it impossible to focus. I need to take the remaining pages. Pick one of the problematic bits, go through the whole thing with only that in mind and then start over again from the beginning after another reset.

But, damn if it isn’t easier to just follow those plot bunnies down a path into the darkest parts of my brain.

So anyway, I’m back, I’m still writing, and still insecure.


  1. Glad you're back! I too, can't give up the IWSG. Gives me a purpose and reason to keep contact with the "outside" world. Like the artwork here!

  2. I just cut 10K from and old novel and tightened it the heck up. Soooo much better. But before that, I made several editing passes that didn't help much. Even now, it's hard to know if I'm totally done. At some point, you just have to accept it and send it out into the world.

  3. Welcome back to the IWSG. You'll get there. Editing can seem neverending as you uncover more issues you didn't even realise were there. Like Melissa said, I'm not sure if anything is ever totally finished. Good luck!

  4. Welcome back! Editing my first book is such a daunting task I've avoided doing it for like 9 months now? So I I understand the struggle! Best wishes on your writing journey.


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