Prioritization and Mental Self Care

I put the blog on hold for several months a while back.

There were a lot of reasons behind that, but chief among them was the simple fact that I was overextending myself.

Along with adopting a poor little pupper with one eye and moving into a new position at the day job, I didn’t just try to continue on at the pace I’d been going before… I tried to up my output.

I swear I’m smart some time.

And something, as they say, had to give.

The blog was one of the things that was pushed aside and left to languish.

I’m still feeling things out and trying to figure out how my life actually works anymore. Change is weird, and for the last several years, it’s been harder to work with on the fly.

So, I’m working on that. I’m working on meting out time as it allows for the various things I want to get done, and getting better at making sure that I’m doing what I actually want to be doing.

That means that… while I have plans for the blog, most of my posts are going to be short. Like this one.


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