Some Thoughts on Deadpool 2

I have a lot of problems with this movie. Problems that have mellowed now that I’ve watched it a second and third time, but problems, nonetheless. I’m only going to talk about a few here, though, because it could wind up a twelve page dump of irritation if I don’t limit myself.
The first viewing was really difficult to enjoy it once I realized it was a man pain plot--which, happens almost immediately (and no, I don’t care that the ending time-nonsense means she’ll probably be hale and whole if there’s a place for her in the next film’s plot). Killing or endangering the woman to give the man his angsty purpose is just lazy writing at this point. (And I say this as someone who used the trope five years ago and still rolls her eyes at herself for it.)

This is a personal thing, and listening to others talk about what they loved in the film, it probably won’t bug others. I’ve never enjoyed secondary embarrassment humor, or body humor. They feel like the last refuge of the grown-up twelve-year old prankster, so there were large swaths of this story that I just didn’t enjoy because of that. The secondary embarrassment/discomfort wasn’t as strong in this one as it has been in other films of late, but it was still there, and it still itched under my skin. And baby legs (etc) on a grown man aren’t funny to me. They’re just gross.

As lovely as Josh Brolin is, I still wish Keira Knightly had played Cable. Don’t get me wrong, dude looks good for his age, but a) the end credit scene on the first one made me a promise and then failed to deliver and b) the reference-insults would have been delightfully nonsensical.

And now… let’s talk about the things I did like, because it’s friday and I’m all about heading into the weekend on a positive note:

I love Domino--who wouldn’t? I want more of her, everywhere. She’s the sort of character you want to be friends with (and not just because that would be an awesome trip to Vegas.

Need more Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio. I have a total crush on Brianna Hildebrand (partially due to Tragedy Girls), and the gray cloud/rainbow personality dynamic always makes me happy.Who wants to sign my petition for a NTW & the ladies film? How about they have to rescue Wade from his stupidity? Ryan Reynolds only needs to be in the film for a grand total of ten minutes, split between the very beginning and the end. The reluctance and eyerolls on NTWs part would be amazing.


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