Stuck “In The Rogue One Elevator”

I love romance novels, both contemporary and historical. I enjoy romantic arcs in films. And totally ship all manner of TV characters (even for some shows I’ve never seen: I’m talking about you Klaroline and Sterek).

That being said, there are times when I cannot stand the idea of two characters getting together. And I’ve decided the best way to indicate this is to refer to those times as being “in the Rogue One elevator.”

Because let’s face it… when Jyn and Cassian are in the elevator at the end, all I could think was: Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss. Don’t kiss.

And thank God, they didn’t, but too often movies pander to the idea that the guy had better get the girl. He’s the hero, after all, the babes should be falling. all. over. him. regardless of the fact he’s a total a-hole.

How many times have you watched a film and sat back in your theater seat waiting for the inevitability of two main characters deciding they just have to get it on?

So from now on, I’ll express my feelings this way:

“Did you like the movie?”

“Yeah, but I was in the Rogue One elevator the whole time.”


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