No Nano

NaNoWriMo is an awesome challenge and great way to push yourself to get something started, or get something finished… or just get focused. It’s an amazing community and it’s a great way to kick yourself in the pants.
As someone who’s done NaNo several times, I am a big proponent of participation. I needed it for focus because… whoa, my brain gets especially flustered around this time of year.

But this time, I had to make the hard choice to not participate. As a self-competitive person, and a completionist, stepping back and removing myself from that particular trackable goal was tough. But my first priority goal this month is an edit and editing does not for a NaNo word count make.

I probably will still hit the 50k mark (Even my worst month since I started actively tracking my word counts in 2013 was over 50k… barely). But those words will be pulled from all over the place within my to-do list and so, I can’t in good conscience count them toward a NaNo “novel.”

That’s why I’m over here cheering everyone who’s doing NaNo on from the sidelines.


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