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IWSG: December

Happy Holidays fellow IWSG-ers. Whatever you celebrate: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, or anything else I’m forgetting (sorry!), I’m happy we’ve gotten to the point. Not because I’m confident I’ll wrap up everything I’ve got left on my list before we ring in the new year. It’s definitely not because EVERY store is going to be a hellscape for the rest of the month. It’s only partially because I get to hum Christmas tunes all month and my husband can’t roll his eyes at me. I’m happy we’re here because it means we survived another year, and we’ve made it through writing slumps and breakthroughs, through the joy of perfect sentences and the frustration of edits where whole chapter have to be thrown out. We made it. And now, as everything else goes crazy in this season, we can take a much needed break. (assuming any of us are constitutionally capable of it.) What I’d love to hear is something you’ve accomplished this year, something you’re proud of. Tell me your joys so that I

November Wrap-Up

Words Written: 50,287-words in 23 days (AVG 2,186-words/day*) 7 projects + Admin (9%) November is all SUPER FOCUSED, and then suddenly, that last week, everything went to hell. My general daily goals weren't really met.... but I hit the 50k, thanks to that messy week. * the image is wrong because I hadn't remembered to change the day's written before I took the screenshot. It's a short update this month because I have SO. MUCH. TO. DO!