IWSG: December

Happy Holidays fellow IWSG-ers.

Whatever you celebrate: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, or anything else I’m forgetting (sorry!), I’m happy we’ve gotten to the point. Not because I’m confident I’ll wrap up everything I’ve got left on my list before we ring in the new year. It’s definitely not because EVERY store is going to be a hellscape for the rest of the month. It’s only partially because I get to hum Christmas tunes all month and my husband can’t roll his eyes at me.

I’m happy we’re here because it means we survived another year, and we’ve made it through writing slumps and breakthroughs, through the joy of perfect sentences and the frustration of edits where whole chapter have to be thrown out.

We made it. And now, as everything else goes crazy in this season, we can take a much needed break. (assuming any of us are constitutionally capable of it.)

What I’d love to hear is something you’ve accomplished this year, something you’re proud of. Tell me your joys so that I can revel in them with you!


  1. We definitely survived another year and that, in itself, is good. I feel like I've just begun to get back to a "regular" writing life after a few years of illness, so I'm just excited to be alive and writing!

    1. That is wonderful to hear. I'm so happy you're back behind the keyboard/pen.

  2. One of my greatest joys for this year was getting an outstanding response on my partial manuscript submitted to the NWS in London. It came at the appropriate time. It was something that I needed to hear. And it made my day. I have it hanging on my pin board for encouragement and on my desktop of my computer.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

    1. That sounds so exciting! And definitely something that should be displayed with pride and for that extra motivation when you need it.

  3. I did most of my shopping online and now I'm not going near a store except for groceries.
    Had a successful year with the IWSG including an anthology, two twitter pitches, and a new partnership. And now I'm working on another story.

    1. That's awesome, Alex. I also dread anything other than my grocery store and the pet shop where we buy our dogs' food. Online shopping is a miracle in its own right.


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