2018 Wrap-Up Numbers

I keep pretty detailed spreadsheets for each month because I’m a little neurotic, and I like seeing the progress in an analytical way. I totally get that this doesn’t work for everyone, that it can be frustrating and counterproductive for some.

I started back in 2013 when I decided I was going to write 1 million words in a year (or 11 months, as it turned out) and just kept doing it. It holds me accountable, keeps me on track, and helps me remember that I’ve done this before. I can do it again.

Words Written: 600,113-words in 12 months
(AVG 50,009-words/month)

By the middle of December, any other goals had whittled away until the only thing that really remained was getting to 600k. And by “really mattered” what I mean was, it was the only remaining attainable year-goal, and I’ve been focusing on the attainable lately, rather than trying to push myself to do something that is… a nightmare on paper.

My best month was October (113,815) my worst was March (19,684). These are neither my best nor worst on record, and while I dislike seeing low numbers in the sheet… I try to remind myself that progress is important, whether it’s a foot or a mile.

Among that 600k, I had 58,329-words of admin. Things like writing blogs, pitches, synopses, chapter maps and notes. The little things that are necessary, but don’t actually show up in a book’s final word count.

Pages Edited: 1156 (in 4 months)

I didn’t previously count my edited pages.

It wasn’t a statistic I really paid much attention to, but some days, slogging through the problems past Amy left behind is such a pain… I need something to show for it (other than a pile of paper for the chiminea). That’s why I started keeping track of things in September.

I plan to keep tracking that particular number, and I’m interested to see what it looks like after a full year of editing.

Books Read: 50

I’ve used the GoodReads Challenge for 2018 to come up with this count. I’m pretty sure there are a few rereads that slipped through the cracks somewhere along the way.

Among those, I read eleven that I rated 5-stars, and only one that was in the 1-star category. That’s pretty nice.

Books Purchased/Acquired: ...84?

There’s a question mark with that because I wasn’t very good about posting monthly wrap ups in 2018, and that was usually how I kept track of things like that. The number is based on information pulled mostly from my LibraryThing app…

2018 was a weird year otherwise. The numbers only tell part of the story, and I’m pretty sure the rest shouldn’t be committed to the internet.


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