February Specific Goals


I’ve got my days set up in a long checklist of to-dos. The plan is to get 30K into a cyberpunk style story, 28k into science fantasy that has been slowly consuming my soul for twelve or so years, and then 14k set aside for free writing/admin (brain breaks, blog posts, and jotting down plot bunny notes so I can save them for another day, that sort of thing).

5 books

This month’s TBR includes:
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Outriders by Jay Posey
Mesoamerican Mythology by Kay Almere Read
Monstress by Marjorie Liu
Dusu by Sebastian A Jones

Going to see if I can’t get those first two read, since I didn’t manage them last month.

My research book this month was a christmas present and I confused my mother in law with how much I geeked out over it (I almost started reading it then and there). I am honestly considering taking a trip down to Mexico to see if I can’t find a better selection of books on the subject--a perk of being able to read Spanish fluently.


One book and one act

I have a late draft to struggle through still, and a first draft edit of the first act of another title. Somehow, I think the ~108 pages of the first round are going to be harder… just because my brain usually wants to get it ALL done. Right now. And forcing myself to not do the thing can sometimes be problematic.


3 posts/week

Same as last month… a goal I did not meet. But I’m working with the understanding that if I don’t enjoy writing a post, there’s pretty much no chance you’ll enjoy it, so I’ve found myself starting things and shoving them straight into the deleted folder after a few paragraphs. Hopefully something will spark this month.


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