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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m choosing to fall back in love with one of my books that I’ve lost interest in. I’m doing it by tearing it apart and turning it into something else entirely!

I still love the concept, but, having put about 60,000-words in it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I haven’t been able to finish it is that I’ve clearly gone down the wrong track. So I’m going to print out the pages, delete anything that doesn’t work for me and see what I need to change from the parts that do work.

Would I have liked to figure all of this out sooner? Definitely. But it’s a learning experience and that’s better than nothing, right?

Anyone else in this spot? Or am I the only one staring down at a mess of my own creation?


  1. Here from Alex's blog. It's funny you wrote about writing yourself into corners b/c that's the same issue that confronted me last month. It's so frustrating to get as far into the story as you've gone, only to learn that something's missing. FWIW, you'll get through it.

    My story is a YA Fantasy set in ancient Carthage with a magical twist. The pacing in my story was fast and the story-line action packed. This should be good, right? Well, not in my case. When I reached chapter 20, the place where my MC had to make a decision that could change the fate of Rome and Carthage, I realized she hadn't spent enough time in Carthage to care about the people. Needless to say, I spent the last month inserting chapters. I'm on the fourth insertion and wow, what a difference it's made in the story. Of course, as you know, when one part of a story changes, ripples occur that change the rest of it. Once my insertions are completed, I'll have to go in and make the changes. I can tell you from experience, it was worth the effort. I wish you the best of luck with your changes. Please, keep us posted on your progress. Happy writing.

  2. Great attitude! It is a learning experience. And next time, you will catch it sooner.

  3. I have several stories that need to be broken down and reworked from beginning to end. That used to make me feel insecure- how did I get it so wrong the first time? But now, I realize that it's like putting together a puzzle. Most everything I need is there; it just needs reworked. Good luck with your puzzle!!

  4. It happens to us all :-) Don't delete! Cut and paste into a new document -- you never know when something might spark a new story.

    Ronel visiting for Feb's IWSG Day Being an Insecure Writer -- And Happy About It


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