February Numbers

Words Written: 106,923 in 20 days
(Average: 5,346/day
6 Projects + Admin (10%)

I think it's pretty obvious when I quit my day job.
Please note, this was not in relation to the twitter nonsense that went on days after I'd made the decision (and which weirded me out for the week and a half before I handed in my resignation).

Getting the word counts in has been easier since I stepped out of that toxic environment.

Pages Edited: 90

It's been nice to get a lot of words in now that I'm able to think (instead of wanting to smack my head against the desk), but that has definitely meant there's been little time for editing. It's a problem I'm going to try to rectify next month. 

Books Acquired: 0

Preparing to quit ones job certainly puts non-crucial expenses into perspective, and books... aren't technically a necessity. 


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