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March Numbers 2019

Words Written: 65,494 in 24 days (Average: 2,729) 9 Projects + Admin (3%) This month’s word count started out high (the first three weeks I was still playing the full-time-author) and the last two weeks were low (Yay for starting my new day job, though). I think it’s pretty clear when I went back to work. I passed the 200k for the year mark, and those benchmarks are always fun. Pages Edited: 184 Full confession…. My previous place of employment, while toxic AF, was my only source of a printer. So, I’ve been working on my back log of edit stuff and that was pretty much one project that had been quietly waiting it’s turn (and even that was only about half of the book). Books Acquired: 1 The Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mallory O’Meara I preordered this book a long time ago, and when I realized I would be unemployed at the time of its release, I considered cancelling it and waiting until I had a reliable income. But I decided not to. Because I didn’t want