Cover Reveal: The Boundary Zone

It's finally here, a new book.
Feels like ages since I've had one of those.
(Over two years. Yikes!)

I won’t bore you with all the gritty details of what went on in those two years. Not in this post anyway.

Instead, let’s talk about the book!

Like almost all of my other books, this one takes place in another galaxy, long after Earth is gone and everyone's stopped talking about it except when they want to mis-remember how great it was at the end.

It is the first book that has used my day-job as the inspiration for my main character's job and daily interactions with technology inside the plot.

And, as always, it's got a dose of alien in there with the rest.
The Boundary Zone -
Mackenzie Flack plays with live wires for a living--both on and off book. For the last six months, she’s spent her downtime stealing decommissioned parts from a space station in the midst of tear-down. There’s no quicker way to acquire an excess of cash. And cash is what she needs to get her hands on the classified details of her brother’s demise.
Illegally drafted, Mackenzie is expected to fill her brother’s rank, as well as his uniform. But the answers she’s looking for may lie with the man her crew is sent after. A man who claims he’s a member of the extinct alien race her brother was obsessed with.
When attack fighters and buckling bulkheads threaten everyone in the lower levels, she abandons her final acquisition to save them from a date with the void. But, as the old adage goes, every good deed deserves a knife in the back.
Preorder it now.
Out November 10th.
Read the first two chapters here.

As always, thank you for your support (and patience) while I work my way through this crazy landscape of other worlds.

I hope you get your hands on a copy of The Boundary Zone and love it as much as I loved writing it!


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