2019 WRAP-UP

Happy New Year everyone. 
I hope your 2019 wrapped up beautifully, and that there are amazing things in store for you in 2020!

Not A Lot To “Show”
2019 was the first year I didn’t actively track things. I don’t have a spreadsheet to show you, or accurate numbers to cite. (My very incomplete 2019 count was 600,113-words for the year.)
I barely managed to updated GoodReads.

The Big Personal Life Change (AKA Where I Place The Blame)
In February, my husband and I quit our day job (we worked together) and left an incredibly toxic work environment. At the time, we didn’t have new jobs. There was something in the works, but there was no hard start date. We’d gotten ourselves to a place where we knew we could wait upwards of three months before we needed to start worrying. It was an exodus we’d been planning since November 2018 and honestly, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
A month of doing the writing-only thing later, we started our new jobs (we still work together), and they kind of consumed us for a while which is both good… and a little frustrating.

On The Writing Front
I did manage to finish three first drafts and get them into edits.
I finished two edits and sent them back into the draft stack.
I moved my clockwork fantasies to a new pen name.
And I published The Boundary Zone.
I’ve been so busy, I’m barely able to remember anything else, though I’m sure other important things definitely happened.

I Have A Lot Planned For This Year
If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you’ll get to hear about the *Big* item on the list tomorrow, and get a sneak peak at it.
If you don’t want another email cluttering up your inbox, check back on Friday for the first quarter goals for 2020. The big announcement will be on the blog later in the month.


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