Progress Report 2020 #2

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

The first real “weekly” progress report for the year. It’s been an interesting one, and lacking the focus of the last check in.

Words written (week/YTD): 12,414 / 26,457

500-words of admin and 4 projects. The bulk of those words were put into a single project (one I should have done this weekend!) and I feel pretty good about that.

I also passed my 2015 January word count on Wednesday. I think I can probably push through to beat the rest of the counts 2014 through 2019, but I’ve got just over 70k before I meet 2013 (the year of 1 million words) and I’m going to be realistic and say I might get close…. But I’d really have to push for it.

Getting to 2013’s Jan w/c would be pretty cool, but I don’t have as much time to write right now as I did back then. And putting in the time needed on top of other commitments would mean sacrificing more sleep than I’m willing to right now. So I’m going to chose to be kind to myself and keep reminding myself that a) I’m not actually competing with my past self and b) my value is not tied to my productivity.

39 pages edited

I managed to get some editing in this week. And even though it’s just shy of 39 pages, it’s more than nothing. Which is what I’m focusing on.

It was a content edit: the kind where I use my red purple pen to scratch out full pages and make notes about the 20k words I need to add back in.

Those pages finished up one of the edits started last year, and I’m really glad it’s off my list. Now I’ve just got to chisel my way through the others piled on my desk

What I’m reading
Made my way through three books this week, finishing two I’d already started and getting around to the graphic novel of Preacher.

Kingdom of Souls and The Future of Feeling were both great, but Preacher… I’ve seen the first three seasons of the show, but I was not prepared for the book. Copious use of slurs and a cardinal sin later (the dog doesn’t make it), I don’t plan on reading any of the others.

Today, I’m going to start Vicious by V. E. Schwab.


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