Progress Report 2020 #4

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

I was Sick AF this week. Literally slept 90% of Monday.
My Fitbit logged just under 21 hours of “exercise-level” heart rate between Monday and Tuesday… but it tracked no heart rate at all between about 2:30PM and 6:30PM on Monday, so… who knows.

But I’m past the worst of it… and I’m now just in the coughing to break up the last of the crap in my lungs and trying not to cry over how much my throat hurts.

Words written (week/YTD): 6,284 / 41,944

945-words of admin + 3 projects.

Fewer projects this week from last.
One of the three was on Sunday, which is my “write whatever TF you want” day (A choice I’ve made to combat plot bunnies distracting me throughout the week, and also as way to break my brain out of stagnant patterns.)

No writing happened Monday or Tuesday, and very little happened Wednesday and yesterday.
And Saturday was a light writing day because…. Well, you’ll see in the next section.

This week’s small count did still manage to push me past my 2014 January count, and if I put in a little effort, I think I’ll be able to use today (how’s it the last day of the month already? To pass 2017 (only 1,312-words to meet it).

I’m still ~6k short of my soft “goal” for the month (getting to the average of previously recorded Januarys), but my quarterly “just stay at 1k/day” goal has been met already, no matter what I do today.

143 pages edited

So on Saturday, before the plague hit with a vengeance…. I got up early, went to a place where dogs couldn’t distract me, and set about getting some editing done. Miraculously, I got in 143 pages (approximately 1/3rd of the book in question) and I’m thrilled.

I don’t think that’ll happen again this Saturday for the final third of the book… mostly because I’m not going to carry my (potentially still contagious, though I don’t think so) sickness around for others to catch, and dogs demand their (much deserved) attention.

But yay for a big chunk out of that book. It’s so close to being done that I’m back to the place where editing is a happy experience, and I don’t spend the session writing mean notes to myself.

What I’m reading

Just one book again this week:

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire.

I loved it.
The ending was perfect. A paragraph smack dab in the middle of it gutted me. And I can totally see why it’s won as many awards as it has.


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