IWSG March 2020 (Does the S Stand for Scatterbrained?)

It’s IWSG Wednesday, and I am so scattered, I don’t have a *real* post for today. I certainly haven’t had time to really think about the question.
Along with some family health stuff I won’t get into here or now, I’m rolling toward a book launch and that has taken up the majority of my spare brain-space!

That constant whisper in the back of my head telling me the book *still* isn’t right or ready is probably never going to go away.
I don’t think I’m a perfectionist, but sometimes, it feels like my brain gets in the way of the rest of me as I try to get things sorted out ahead of a release.
And then, there’s so much to do. So much I’m pretty sure I’m already forgetting.
I actually forgot what part of the month it was until, writing up the newsletter that drop’s friday, I realized it was time to come back and say hi to all you lovely IWSGers. That’s where my head is at.


Anyway, I hope you had a marvelous February and, if you feel like it, go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter with the form on the left for Friday’s book news, and subscriber exclusive!


  1. If you have a publishing team that worked your project with you, listen to them.

    Anna from elements of emaginette


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