Progress Report 2020 #11

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

After spending the first part of the week in Oregon, and only getting a significant number of words in while in the airport,* Wednesday and Thursday were all about getting all areas of my life back on track. So, my numbers aren’t great this week and THAT’S OKAY. Still working on killing the notion that my worth is directly linked to my productivity.

Words written (week/YTD): 7,540 / 128,995
1,743-words of admin + 2 projects.

Told ya.

I really like working in airports, but this time around was distracting.

0 pages edited
While I can edit on my iPad (which is what I took with me because it’s less bulky and getting it through airport security is less of a hassle) it takes about 2x as long. So I prefer working in paper and ink for that. And I didn’t want to lug around a physical copy of any of my MSs. So no editing was done this week.

What I’m reading
Again, just finding my equilibrium has pushed a lot of things aside. Reading (aside from a final read through on a book before it goes out into the world) is one of those things.

*A post about flying during COVID-19 is coming on Monday


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