Progress Report 2020 #16

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

March felt like three years. Here we are, almost out of april, and I feel like it’s gone by in a literal blink. I cannot tell you how often the words “time is stupid” tumble out of my mouth. 

Words written (week/YTD): 7,354 / 182,279

229 words of admin + 1 projects. 

Let this week’s numbers be further proof that fewer projects equals fewer words. I’ve got a few deadlines coming up, which means I’ve got to put all of my focus and energy into a few very specific things. I’m not perturbed by this week’s low count, though, because of the number of pages I got edited.

I blew past 2015’s April w/c yesterday, which is always a good feeling. But my “Productivity = Worth” brain continues to tell me I’m failing if I don’t write more than I’ve ever written before. I can rationalize all I like, but my brain won’t accept defeat.

121 pages edited

Pro Tip: If you’re going to work on a book without having locked down which tense you’re going to use, DON’T write a third of the book in each and then sew them together without completely rewriting the incorrect tense first. Finding the tense issues (even with software designed to help with that) is a nightmare.

However, 121 pages in 6 days is a pretty nice little number, considering. (It’s 16% of the total editing I’ve managed this year)

What I’m reading

Between the edits, and the deadlines, I haven’t been reading much. When I’m elbows deep in something, I mostly just pop into my kindle and reread my favorite scenes from books I’ve already finished.

We did start rewatching the Bond films--and critiquing them heavily amongst ourselves--though I don’t know if we’ll actually watch all of them or skip around at some point. It’s been a nice brain break with many eye rolls.


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