Progress Report 2020 #17

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

Words written (week/YTD): 12,848 / 195,127

330-words of admin + 5 projects. 

I was on furlough from the day job this week (possibly my last? Not sure.) and so I had all week to do the full-time author thing. (Do I have to go back?). My dogs seem happier.

Two of the days this week were no-writing days that were consumed by edits, and yesterday would have had a higher w/c, if not for the research rabbit hole I fell down. Neuroanatomy is so fascinating. Seriously, if I’d known it was an option back in the day….

Anyway, it’s the first month doing this style of progress report/update, where the post lands on the first day of the month…. And therefore, I can throw in some info about April as a whole.

48,956-words racked up for the month. I’m about 10k under the average for past Aprils. That said, I did manage to pass 2014, 15, & 18’s counts for April, so that’s a little victory. And I only recorded words for 7 projects (I may have missed some words written in notebooks and on random apps I’ll find later).

91 pages edited

As opposed to last week’s 121 in 6 days, these 91 pages only took 2. The different types of edits always astonish me. Please note: the pages may have only taken 2 days, but I still wound up with 286 change notes. 

Previous edits of that copy weren’t focused on the specific capitalization of a term, or ensuring the tense was correct. This one was. It was also the edit where I got rid of the last of the mad-lib-style placeholders. So, (Dude #4) gets a name and (three months) gets a fact check, etc.

Have you ever assembled Ikea furniture? If this book was Ikea furniture, this edit was the part at the end where it already looks like what you want, you just have to go through and tighten all the screws and bolts down so it stops wobbling.

What I’m reading

I blew through Your Dad Will Do by Katee Robert as a reward for meeting the deadline this week.

Tor had free downloads of the Murderbot diaries last week, so I may get around to those here shortly.

I spent a really long time looking for a book I had read back in 3rd grade (we’re talking years). It was, unfortunately, a book I had three very vague bits of concrete information about. As a result of that fruitless searching, I gave up on it a while back. But recently, while talking with a friend about a book I loathed while in school, I decided to give the internet another chance to help me find the thing! And this time… it worked. But it seems to be out of print, and since I couldn’t scour local used bookstores, in light of the current pandemic, I turned to ebay.

So The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks showed up in my mailbox this week, and this weekend, I’m going to see if I can’t use it as a guide to piece together the ashes in my memory.


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