Progress Report 2020 #18

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

I was the kind of sick yesterday (and still am today) where it might be an ear infection? Or it might just be the crushing weight of apathy and stress….
I’m assuming it’s the former because my ears feel full and I’m easily dizzy/am more prone to losing my balance than normal. Considering the latter because I’m not in any pain, nor do I have a fever or any other symptoms of an infection.
If you know me, you know that I have a really hard time sleeping in unless something is wrong, and I don’t nap (any sleep that is less than three hours long usually leaves me feeling like I’ve got a wicked hangover) but I did both yesterday, and the former today.
So I may have some errors in this text….

Words written (week/YTD): 12,508 / 207,635

1841-words of admin + 3 projects.

Finished one book, got to the 65% mark on another, and was pretty good on focus otherwise.

May 1 was a great start to the month with just over 6,500-words, but the rest of the week, as you can see above, didn’t match that as a combined total. But that’s fine. Going at full speed constantly is a great way to burn out (lessons I’ve learned from my rock tumbler belt).

21 pages edited

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll have seen the literal mess that makes up these twenty one pages. I killed one pen on the backs of the pages, and am still thankful my little sister bought me a mega pack of colorful G2 pens a while back. It’s nice to choose which color I bleed on the pages.

What I’m reading

I am staying steadily ahead of my GoodReads goal for the year, so that’s nice.

This week’s reads were:
The Farthest Away Mountain
Artificial Condition
The Prince of Broadway
The Wicked + The Divine: Fandemonium


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