Progress Report 2020 #22

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

Words written (week/YTD): 15,632 / 275,165

140-words of admin + 4 projects.

As you may notice from the bar graphic… two of those four projects were tiny little adders to the two projects that I put ~8 & 6K into.
Junes of the past were apparently completely TERRIBLE. I cannot figure out why I wrote so little in June of 2019, but I passed that word count on the 1st (at 819-words it wasn’t hard). And on the 2nd, I passed 2015 (3,260-words). The Amys of other years did marginally better, so I won’t pass the next one until next week at the very earliest.

71 pages edited

The book that’s next on the “get this done” pile is a mess. SUCH A MESS. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad this thing is. I had bits of chapter 3 in with chapter 17, etc. The whole thing was a cautionary tale about free writing too far into a book.

I need to start color coding my edits like I do my writing so I’ll be able to figure out what I worked on when I come back to this spreadsheet next year.

What I’m reading

I spent a large portion of the week compiling just a literal ton of books I need to prioritize buying and preordering. Between that and petitions, promotions, and signal boosting. I didn’t have time to read anything this week outside my own writing.


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