Progress Report 2020 #23

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

Words written (week/YTD): 12,856 / 288,021

109-words of admin + 3 projects.

Displaying an uncharacteristic amount of focus (Let’s be real, inputting changes and rewrites as I edit gives me a clear road map and I just followed it), I managed to throw almost 10k of those words into a single project. *snaps party hat elastic under chin*

I had a tattoo appointment on Friday, but unlike the last time, which bumped up against memorial day weekend, I managed to keep my pen to the grindstone, or fingers to the keys… it’s a mix of both. That might also have been contributed to by the fact I bought one of those weird angled lap desk things (since my lap is not presently useable real estate for a computer). However, I hesitate to use the thing too often, because it seems to freak our blonde dog out….

207 pages edited

I finished the free writing mess and now have to finish up the rewrites and missing connectors, but she’s so close to being done I think I can see the other side. Maybe. There are only 95 comments left to go.

What I’m reading

Truly depressing statistics and first hand accounts of the true nature of the country I live in… that I was previously blinded to by the glaring white bubble of privilege.


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