Progress Report 2020 #25

It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

Words written (week/YTD): 11,484 / 315,559

288-words of admin + 3 projects.

I’d say I’m back to my normal flitting through projects, but if I actually look at the individual totals, instead of the project count, I threw ~1.5k into the project I finished over the weekend and ~1k into a book that’s mid edit just to clear my head out from the project that took over the other ~9k.
It’s the one that I’m focused on drafting*. So, I was fairly focused.

475 pages edited

Every once in a while I look at numbers like that one, and think… really? But this is part of the reason I do this. Because I forget how productive I am sometimes, and that fun voice gnawing at the back of my head likes to tell me I haven’t done anything. Evidence to the contrary is helpful.

What I’m reading

My own work as I edit it, because that hasn’t left time for much of anything else.

*The one I was focused on drafting this week. I’ve switched gears because I’m 65% into my goal w/c on this book and it feels completely disjointed and not like a book at all. Even with an outline, I’m looking at it wondering how I’m going to actually put the plot together from the pieces that are already there without going WAY over the word count.
So I’m switching to another project that is supposed to be done after, but it a coherent thing that I will *crosses fingers* hopefully be able to wrap up in 3-5 days and also use to kind of knock my brain loose for the other one.


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