Progress Report 2020 #34


It’s Friday, time to look at what we’ve done for the last week.

Words written (week/YTD): 22,197 / 481,492

1,700-words of admin + 5 projects.

This week saw a lot of words into the counter, but 15k of those were into something super easy that I wasn’t supposed to be writing. (oops!) The funniest part about that, is that those words will likely never see the light of day (without EXTREME reediting--like, we’re talking it would have to be a completely new book all together.) These words are basically a writing exercise, and they've also become an exercise in letting go, in writing with no plans to put them into the world.

83 pages edited

My weekend editing went well (even if I’d always like to do/have done more), and I’ve carved out some time this weekend too. This weekend's edits are all about stitching. In my usual way, the book in question is being Frankensteined together, so it’s time to sew up the pieces and figure out what I’m missing.

What I’m reading

I’m about to start Legendborn by Tracy Deonn! Arthurian legend with a Black lady lead, count me in!


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