About Me

Hey Guys, I’m A. B. Keuser. You can call me Amy if you want.

Also, that’s pronounced “Koy-zehr.” It’s German.

I spend a lot of time making stuff up and figuring out fun ways to kill people. It’s a little weird, but it’s something I love. I write space westerns, space operas, and steampunk fairytales. I like to think being an author was the endgame every time I got caught lying to my mother as a child.

It probably wasn’t.

Most days, I live by lists and try my best to make sense of my own brain soup. I keep lots of spreadsheets and love metrics relating to my own process.

When I’m not writing, I’m probably at one of my favorite local bars haranguing the staff, or getting tattooed, or going on nonsense road trips (or, you know, at my 9-5 job). I drink way too much tea, read like it’s going out of style and someday hope to play the banjo well enough that I’ll let anyone else hear me.

Originally a native of the southern Oregon coast, I’ve transplanted to the Sonoran desert—I’m slowly desiccating in Phoenix’s heat—where I live with my husband and our little gray ewok (a rescue from Korea). I traded in small-town farm life for the most small-town-like big-city down-town I could find. I love this big/little city life I’ve created, but I won’t lie: I’d also love to be a hermit in the woods around my grandparent’s farms. Maybe someday I’ll get both.

Want to chat? Give me a shout in the comments of an post or on the social media outlets listed below. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to it right away (I might be battling my way out of the writing equivalent of a sarlacc pit, but I’ll be back soon.)

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