May Numbers 2019

44,042-words in 19 days
(Average: 2,318 words/day)
4 projects* + Admin (2%)

The least writing days in a month so far this year, but checking my previous numbers… it’s the exact number of days from last may.
(Don’t call it) Comicon always throws the pre-memorial day week straight into the trash. This year was worse, because a work trip had me in (snowy?) Denver at the beginning of the week.
This month’s counts are going to be a quick recap because I’m still catching up from the lack of work done last month….

Pages Edited: 13

It’s hard to get the pages marked up (the current priorities are hand edits) when you haven’t had time to sit still.

Books Acquired: 12
Angry White Men by Michael Kimmel
Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena & Jess Zimmerman
Binti: The Night Masquerade by Nnedi Okorafor
The Coldest City (Atomic Blonde) Vol 1 by Anthony Johnston & Sam Hart
A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab
Fire Season by Stephen Blackmoore
From here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty & Landis Blair
Green W…

April Numbers 2019

41,893-words in 25 days
(Average: 1,676 words/day)
4 projects + Admin (2%)

I was quite scattered this past month.
I averaged 8,378 per week which isn’t terrible. It just isn’t great. And I did wind up smack dab in the middle of the previous years’ April counts.

While I don’t want to make excuses (I’m going to give you one right now), I do think that not having an actual desk at home has been problematic in terms of getting a consistent word count down at home. And things don’t get done when writing random snippets on random devices.

Pages Edited: 30

I’m going to admit… before I started keeping track of the pages, it *felt* like I do more editing on average each month. This is one of those things where I’m not upset about it, I’m just aware.
Books Acquired: 5

I’m employed again, which means I can put some of that money toward needing another bookshelf.

Descender Volume 2 by Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen
Paper Girls Volume 2 by Brian Vaughn & Cliff Chiang
Black Science Volume 1 Rick Remend…

March Numbers 2019

Words Written: 65,494 in 24 days
(Average: 2,729)
9 Projects + Admin (3%)

This month’s word count started out high (the first three weeks I was still playing the full-time-author) and the last two weeks were low (Yay for starting my new day job, though).

I think it’s pretty clear when I went back to work.

I passed the 200k for the year mark, and those benchmarks are always fun.

Pages Edited: 184

Full confession…. My previous place of employment, while toxic AF, was my only source of a printer. So, I’ve been working on my back log of edit stuff and that was pretty much one project that had been quietly waiting it’s turn (and even that was only about half of the book).

Books Acquired: 1
The Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mallory O’Meara

I preordered this book a long time ago, and when I realized I would be unemployed at the time of its release, I considered cancelling it and waiting until I had a reliable income. But I decided not to. Because I didn’t want to. So I got my greedy little h…

IWSG: March 2019

It’s my Birthday! Well… almost.

I’m the sort of person who claims the whole month once it rolls around. Because I can. It’s like a get out of jail free card… within reason.

One of the things that always comes up around this time of year is someone asking what I want. And that always makes me do the puppy dog head tilt. Because the answer is always going to be books…. I’m good with buying my books for other people, too. But I’ve come across the same response to that request… that I have too many.

That gets another puppy dog tilt, just in the other direction… there is no such thing as too many books. And if there is, the number is so high, there’s no chance I’d meet it in my lifetime.

Anyway, it’s my birthday! There are books to be had and after I’m done writing this, I’m going to go to Changing Hands and peruse the shelves….

But it’s also my birthday, so, in the spirit of Sam Sykes… Buy my books!

Join the insecure posting.

February Numbers

Words Written: 106,923 in 20 days
(Average: 5,346/day
6 Projects + Admin (10%)

I think it's pretty obvious when I quit my day job. Please note, this was not in relation to the twitter nonsense that went on days after I'd made the decision (and which weirded me out for the week and a half before I handed in my resignation).
Getting the word counts in has been easier since I stepped out of that toxic environment.
Pages Edited: 90
It's been nice to get a lot of words in now that I'm able to think (instead of wanting to smack my head against the desk), but that has definitely meant there's been little time for editing. It's a problem I'm going to try to rectify next month. 

Books Acquired: 0
Preparing to quit ones job certainly puts non-crucial expenses into perspective, and books... aren't technically a necessity.

IWSG: February

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m choosing to fall back in love with one of my books that I’ve lost interest in. I’m doing it by tearing it apart and turning it into something else entirely!

I still love the concept, but, having put about 60,000-words in it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I haven’t been able to finish it is that I’ve clearly gone down the wrong track. So I’m going to print out the pages, delete anything that doesn’t work for me and see what I need to change from the parts that do work.

Would I have liked to figure all of this out sooner? Definitely. But it’s a learning experience and that’s better than nothing, right?

Anyone else in this spot? Or am I the only one staring down at a mess of my own creation?

Join the insecure posting.

February Specific Goals


I’ve got my days set up in a long checklist of to-dos. The plan is to get 30K into a cyberpunk style story, 28k into science fantasy that has been slowly consuming my soul for twelve or so years, and then 14k set aside for free writing/admin (brain breaks, blog posts, and jotting down plot bunny notes so I can save them for another day, that sort of thing).

5 books

This month’s TBR includes:
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Outriders by Jay Posey
Mesoamerican Mythology by Kay Almere Read
Monstress by Marjorie Liu
Dusu by Sebastian A Jones

Going to see if I can’t get those first two read, since I didn’t manage them last month.

My research book this month was a christmas present and I confused my mother in law with how much I geeked out over it (I almost started reading it then and there). I am honestly considering taking a trip down to Mexico to see if I can’t find a better selection of books on the subject--a perk of being able to read Spanish fluently.



January 2019 Wrap-Up

Words Written: 34,168 in 23 days
(Average: 1,486/day
8 Projects + Admin (11%)

I didn’t reach my goal of 57k. Not by a long shot. But I’m not stressing about that. It’s better than four months from last year, and as long as I’ve got an average of 1k/day (of the month, not actual writing days), I’m willing to count that as a win.

It’s been a rough start to the year, which invariably impinges on the writing stuff. So mostly I’ve been doing world building and nonsense like that. Things that add eventual depth to the story, but will probably never make it onto the finished page.

Pages Edited: 164
I’ve been sneaking these in wherever and whenever I can. But the bigger changes are oddly the easier to deal with, so these finite changes are taking FOR EVER to deal with. Next month should see a higher number *fingers crossed*.

Books Read: 7

I only got to 3 of the 5 books in my proposed stack. But I’m on track for the GR challenge, so I’m definitely not complaining. I started on Red Queen, but hav…

2018 Wrap-Up Numbers

I keep pretty detailed spreadsheets for each month because I’m a little neurotic, and I like seeing the progress in an analytical way. I totally get that this doesn’t work for everyone, that it can be frustrating and counterproductive for some.

I started back in 2013 when I decided I was going to write 1 million words in a year (or 11 months, as it turned out) and just kept doing it. It holds me accountable, keeps me on track, and helps me remember that I’ve done this before. I can do it again.

Words Written: 600,113-words in 12 months
(AVG 50,009-words/month)

By the middle of December, any other goals had whittled away until the only thing that really remained was getting to 600k. And by “really mattered” what I mean was, it was the only remaining attainable year-goal, and I’ve been focusing on the attainable lately, rather than trying to push myself to do something that is… a nightmare on paper.

My best month was October (113,815) my worst was March (19,684). These are neither my bes…

Goals Q1 2019 (And January’s Specifics)

If you were here on Wednesday for my IWSG post you’ll have seen that I don’t do resolutions.
They don’t work for me, I can’t set a hard and fast plan at the beginning of the year and stick to it. That’s just not how my brain is wired. And I’m 100% okay with it.
But I do like goals. I just like them on a smaller scale.
Things that can be tweaked and adjusted without any real “shame”.
Therefore, I am here to tell you my soft goals for the quarter, and my hard goals for the month.
In the first three months of this year, I’d like to get the following out of the way:

Writing: 220,000-words
Reading: 15 books
Editing: 3 books, plus some extra bits
Blogging: Back on a regular routine

Not going to lie. That 220k scares me a little, even though I wrote almost 100k more than that in the first quarter of 2013. My first quarter average for the last 6 years has only been about 171k.
I was recently accused of having too many books. A notion at which I scoffed and then ignored. But I do have too many boo…