IWSG March 2018

I am sick as anything and almost forgot to post this.... I’m not sure I’ve even proof read it, so.... sorry if I didn’t actually finish the draft?

February was weird.
I have no idea if that weirdness was weird. Maybe all Februarys are strange but by the time the year rolls around to February again, I’ve forgotten.

The weirdness included:
Adopting a dog
Getting past 100,000-words for the year
And Making some health related food decisions.

Based on a glance at my calendar, March probably won’t be less weird.

Maybe I’ve forgotten that life is just one long string of weirdness held together by blue duct tape and glitter barrettes.


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February 2018 Numbers

Words Written: 67,657-words in 24 days(AVG 2,819-wors/day) 5 Projects + Admin (9%)

One of my lesser goals for the month (my baseline, what-I’d-be-happy-with goal, if you will) was 47,000-words. Luckily, I did 20k over that, woo! I was about 2k short of my February average, but I still did better than 2014, 15, and 16.
Goal: Finish 3 Drafts (Nope! Some restructuring happened instead)
Books Edited: 0 I spent a lot of time in my edit cave this month, but that, unfortunately didn’t see anything finished. I made definite headway though.
Goal: 1 (*hums Bon Jovi* Halfway there.)
Books Read: 0 (Technically)
So… deep in my edit cave, there was no light by which to read. Kidding. I wound up getting a bit in on a new book, but mostly, my snippets and snatches of reading were confined to rereading scenes from a few books I love, and research articles.
Goal: 5 (*laughs and shakes head*)
Books Sold: 4 + KU Reads: 1,007 (~ 8 book equivalency*) (No returns/ 33 Freebies)
When totalled the number of copies moved is…

Weekend Streaming Thoughts

After finishing Altered Carbon (a series I’m still chewing on and definitely need to watch again before I know how I feel about anything other than the fact that Poe is 100% my favorite character) this last week , we set out to do something I’ve been meaning to get done for a while.

We started to chip away at the things on our streaming watchlist that had been there the longest.

iBoy: just ok.
Lovely effects, decent premise. I’m not a fan of rape-as-a-motivation (vengeance or otherwise) movies.

Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: better than expected.
I actually laughed out loud at a few points, its over the top premises worked well, despite their absurdity.

Yoga Hosers: meh.
I was hoping for more, walked away disappointed. Felt like one big jab at Canadians, with an inexplicable nazi connection.

10 Cloverfield Lane: Could have done with a Die Hard reference.
We finally got around to watching this… which means we’ll watch Paradox in like… 3 years. (maybe not)

The Santa Clarita Diet: So fa…

Some Opinions on The Last Jedi

We finally got around to re-watching The Last Jedi last week and by the end of it, I realized why it had taken so long for me to get back in the padded chair before the big screen. Despite everything that was amazing and wonderful about the film… it leaves me overwhelmingly sad. The beginning is sad, the middle is sad, even the moment of renewed hope is sad....

That general gloom makes the jokes harder to hear, leaves a bitter taste after they’re gone.

There are so many things I wanted from the movie plot wise that didn't happen and I waited this long to write up my thoughts on it so that I could shove most of those aside and work with what we were given, instead of the rewrites I would needlessly suggest (though at least one made it into the text below.

But I can like things that make me sad, so it’s still toward the top in my rankings.

And now, an itemized list of the things I like and dislike in no particular order*….

(Except the best, that's definitely first)

Vice Admiral …

IWSG 02.18: Middle of the List

The other day, I took a look at my traffic numbers for these posts, and I noticed a steady decline based on where my name was in the list… that big ol block of names of all the awesome people who participate in this.

And I wondered how many people get lost in the middle. How many get discouraged and maybe drop their posting because of that.

Blogging takes time (anyone in IWSG knows that) and that time comes out of what’s normally set aside for writing.

Sometimes, drafting my blog posts is a fun break, other times, it’s restarting my creative brain by dumping out the stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be there in the first place, others, it’s a way I visualize my analytics.

I’ve met some great, lovely people through the blog (seriously, talk to me and I talk back.) But restrictions and requirements tend to grate. At times, it feels like getting kicked from the list is less a punishment for failing to post, but an opportunity to reset and put yourself back on at the end where it’s …